Premium E-commerce Solutions

We offer services that enable businesses of all sizes to get access to truly expert, reliable local SEO support!

Product & Pricing Information Management

Each shopping cart system works by its knowledge of your products. You will be managing everything through this system:

 Product images
 Dimensions & shipping information
 Descriptions & pricing

Depending on how many products you have, and the confidence that you have managing an online system, we will need to properly design your system to make sure it is a good tool for your business.

Product Categories & Variations

How you categorize your products make an enormous difference in terms of SEO and customer experience. You want your customers to have a great shopping experience, so that once they’ve made a purchase, they will tell their friends about it, which creates regular customers as well as new ones. How you set up your categories and variations will make as big a difference as your actual price.


Product variations are attributes like colors, sizes and quantities that make it possible to charge slightly different prices on larger orders, or enable customers to specify their preference to modify the same product based on product demand.

Hosting Platform

You can host your own e-commerce system, or use a hosted platform. The main advantage to building your own e-commerce system that you, and YOU ONLY own the system, not just the product data. You can pick up and move to a new server, or change the shopping cart system whenever you desire. Self-hosting means you can customize your system in a broader sense. This means that every feature must be defined and installed, increasing initial development costs. The main issue for most businesses is that you are also entirely responsible for system management, security and the hosting itself.
Hosted ecommerce, which we always recommend, means that you manage your store right through your web browser. You can make limited customizations, but you don’t have to worry about security PCI Certification), or individually managing features.