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Our OpenShift consulting services connect you with experts who can share their expertise on the OpenShift platform, making it an ideal choice for teams developing applications. Additionally, our consulting service offers solutions to troubleshoot common issues that developers encounter.

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penShift is a development platform that empowers developers to build and deploy their applications within a cloud infrastructure. It is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. With OpenShift, companies gain full control over their Kubernetes environment.

Renowned for its speed, automation, and runtime capabilities across various infrastructures, OpenShift supports a diverse array of languages, runtimes, and architectures, enabling organizations to scale for the future. In essence, OpenShift serves as a powerful enabler of innovation for businesses and operates as an open-source platform for crafting cloud-based services.

How Does It work?

OpenShift operates on a layered system, where each layer is interconnected using Kubernetes and Docker clusters. This architectural approach is specifically designed to facilitate the support and management of Docker containers, which are hosted by Kubernetes atop these interconnected layers. This development platform is highly versatile, extending its capabilities to on-premise data centers as well as private and public cloud environments. It effectively establishes suitable application environments across various infrastructures that are compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Advantages of OpenShift

If you wish to leverage the advantages of the OpenShift platform for your company, our OpenShift consulting services are tailored to facilitate this transformation. The OpenShift platform delivers substantial value to its users, offering a host of benefits, including:

OpenShift Consulting Services Offer High-Quality Applications

OpenShift empowers developers to create and deploy high-quality applications and streamline operations with speed and advanced capabilities. Our OpenShift consulting services are designed to provide you with the answers and guidance you need to harness the full potential of this platform.

More Efficient Results

Developers often prefer OpenShift as their development platform for several compelling reasons. One of the primary advantages is its ability to enhance business operations significantly. OpenShift’s open-source nature fosters efficiency and delivers optimal results, earning developers’ trust while meeting the diverse needs of users. This combination of robust functionality, open-source flexibility, and developer-friendly features makes OpenShift a top choice for those seeking to improve both development processes and business outcomes.

Timely Application Management

The OpenShift platform has revolutionized the way developers manage applications, significantly reducing the time required for continuous application management.


By leveraging the OpenShift platform, developers can significantly reduce the costs associated with infrastructure and platform development for applications. This cost-cutting advantage makes OpenShift an attractive choice for businesses looking to optimize their budget allocation.

Why Choose DuoLabz?

We provide a comprehensive range of OpenShift services, encompassing:

OpenShift Healthcheck

Our certified experts offer valuable guidance to evaluate, implement, and scale your OpenShift container platform, ensuring a swift transition from Proof of Concept (PoC) to full-fledged production within weeks.

Implementation Services

Our team of experts specializes in managing OpenShift clusters, encompassing operators, storage configurations, template development, and setting up robust logging mechanisms. We ensure your OpenShift environment operates seamlessly and efficiently.


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We understand that in many businesses, the primary attraction of DevOps is the automation of software development using infrastructure-as-code methodologies. OpenShift’s container-centric approach can provide your company with the tools needed to achieve this goal, resulting in high-quality software delivered through a well-documented IT infrastructure. Get in touch with us today to explore how OpenShift can enhance your operations.

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