Why Opt For NFT Gaming


The advent of crypto currencies gave rise to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a crypto asset. These are virtual properties that are indivisible. As the demand of unique in-game assets increases, the scope of NFTs in gaming also increases because it has a significant potential to attract people from all age groups. When the in-game items are converted into NFTs, they can be used outside of that game as well since the NFTs are linked to their owners and not the game(s). The players can own trophies, skins, badges, exclusive tokens, and characters as their digital asset. This further encourages them to invest in their characters and collectibles because they can now use these assets in other games that support NFTs.

  • Allows these digital assets to be unique and thus not interchangeable
  • Enables NFT owners to have proof of ownership of their copy of the NFT
  • Helps prevent cheating as all the record of transactions are maintained in real-time and this data is easily available online
  • Reduces copyright infringements
  • Enhances transparency, trustability, verifiability, security, validity, dependability, and ensures scarcity

NFT Games Duolabz Develops

Card games

The gamers can purchase a wide array of special in-game NFTs like wild-cards, trophies and even characters to build theirplayer’s identity.

Action and adventure

This category forms a big chunk of the gaming industry. We incorporate special and unique in-game assets to broaden players’ choices and elevate their adventures’ experiences.


One of the most common genre of games played regularly. These are engaging, addictive, and fun to play games with plenty of exciting digital assets and collectibles to purchase.

Racing and Sports

One of the favorite categories of gamers where they can now invest into their gear and vehicles and customize them withoutany boundaries.

PvP games

Player verses player games is a category where gamers are highly interested in customizing their characters in order to make them unbeatable. NFTs also allow them to use their characters out of the specific games.

Board games

Players can have a unique identity and access to special moves and tokens using the NFTs within the game, taking a simple board game to a whole new rousing level.


At Duolabz, we develop captivating and fun skill based arcade games with multiple NFT integration option.

RPG games

The possibility of NFTs for this genre of games is as far as imagination could go. The players can invest in skins, environments, collectibles, special weapons and equipment,and so much more!

RTS games

Real-time strategy games are where all players are playing simultaneously in real-time. The players can get special moves, controlling points, resources and assets, in-game technology, and a lot more!

Services We Have To Offer

Transforming mere concepts into engaging and captivating games


Developing visually staggering designs to facilitate storyboarding games and unique NFTs in them.

UI/UX Design

Create smooth and interactive designs and experiences that match the core game play.

Level/Economy Design

Designing engaging game levels to ensure higher user engagement and increased NFTs incorporation in them.


Maestro in bringing 2D, 2.5D and 3D animations to life.

Game Programming

Expert at creating cross platform NFT games across mobile, web and consoles.

Crypto Wallet Integration

Allowing players to link their digital currency wallets with games to ensure smooth trade of NFTs.