Duolabz provides Kubernetes consulting and deployment services aimed at assisting companies in the uninterrupted delivery of applications.


Kubernetes Consulting and Services are tailored for companies seeking expert guidance in the design, deployment, and management of large-scale, efficient, and high-performance cloud-native and modern container ecosystems.


Kubernetes Consultancy Services

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform that automates the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications. This distributed platform ensures container lifecycle management, system stability, and load distribution across multiple nodes. Our Kubernetes consulting services are designed to optimize your Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) processes.

Developed by Google, Kubernetes is a scalable and flexible orchestration tool tailored for simplifying container management. It excels at efficiently handling multiple applications within complex clustered environments.


DuoLabz Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes Consulting solutions and Kubernetes Services are designed to facilitate your seamless transition to Kubernetes technologies, ensuring top-notch security, speed, and scalability. We specialize in implementing Kubernetes container orchestration best practices to optimize your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and strengthen your DevSecOps processes.

Kubernetes Consulting

Our Kubernetes Consulting service caters to both tech companies and individuals seeking expert guidance in Kubernetes enablement. Whether you want to explore the potential and impact Kubernetes (K8s) can have on your existing container ecosystem or are interested in Istio enablement, our service is tailored to address your specific needs.

Kubernetes Implementation

Within our Kubernetes Implementation services, our Kubernetes (K8s) experts are equipped to seamlessly integrate Kubernetes with your application delivery pipeline. We take into account your existing cloud architecture, multi-cloud requirements, deployment strategy, and business objectives to ensure a customized and efficient K8s implementation.

Kubernetes Security

Through our Kubernetes security service, our team collaborates with you to implement the four pillars of cloud-native security: Cloud layer security, Cluster components security, Container security, and Code security. These comprehensive measures ensure a robust security framework for your Kubernetes environment. For more information, you can refer to our overview of Cloud Native Security.

Kubernetes Managed Services

Our Kubernetes (K8s) experts are available to provide ongoing support for your day-to-day Kubernetes management and operations. This includes managing complex tasks, addressing time-consuming challenges, and mitigating potential risks. Additionally, we offer services for K8s and cluster upgrades, continuous monitoring, and prompt patching with a focus on rapid response times.

Benefits of Kubernetes

Our expert Kubernetes consulting services are designed to assist you in recognizing and addressing performance limitations, implementing enhancements, and acquiring the knowledge to avoid errors while maximizing your return on investment (ROI). Here are some advantages of utilizing Kubernetes:

Kubernetes Consulting Services for Fast Delivery

Utilizing Kubernetes eliminates the need for extensive time investments in software delivery. It simplifies the process of deploying any application on a new node, taking only minutes to set up. This tool also facilitates continuous testing and deployment for updated infrastructure, significantly reducing the time required for delivering new software. Our Kubernetes consulting services can expedite the delivery of new software, ensuring swift and efficient results.

Easy Migration

Migrating between cloud platforms becomes a seamless process with Kubernetes, as it eliminates the need for rewriting existing application code. This versatile tool streamlines the migration to any cloud platform, ensuring a smooth and straightforward transition.

Automated Deployment

Through our Kubernetes services, you gain the ability to effortlessly generate new containers, facilitating the automated deployment of your applications. This streamlined process not only enhances your application management but also enables smooth migration and the removal of obsolete resources. It empowers you to maintain an agile and efficient infrastructure, adapt to changing requirements, and eliminate the burden of managing outdated or redundant components, ultimately optimizing your system’s performance and resource utilization.

Automatic Restarts & Rollbacks

You can avoid relying on your IT department for immediate needs, as Kubernetes takes care of critical tasks autonomously. It automatically restarts containers in the event of failure, ensuring uninterrupted service. Moreover, when an operation goes awry, Kubernetes initiates a rollback process to rectify errors and minimize downtime, allowing your system to maintain reliability and performance without the need for manual intervention.

Large Scalability

Leveraging Kubernetes, our experienced team can efficiently adjust application scaling to align with your evolving business requirements. This versatile tool not only facilitates the dynamic scaling of applications but also streamlines the deployment of multiple containers simultaneously, enhancing the agility and responsiveness of your infrastructure to meet the demands of your operations.


Why Choose Us?

Our team is dedicated to delivering Kubernetes consulting services that yield tangible results. We have a strong expertise in offering the following specialized services:

Primary Consulting

Our core Kubernetes consulting service centers around a comprehensive plan for automating deployment. This initiative aims to provide you with a clear understanding of the associated costs and the timeline for effectively managing your remote offices.

Instant Implementation Consulting

If you’re seeking the quickest deployment of the Kubernetes solution, we provide an optimal plan for swift implementation through our consulting services. We are committed to engaging top-tier experts to ensure the efficient and rapid execution of the solution.

Kubernetes Consulting Services for Cloud Migration

We offer cloud migration consulting to support your infrastructure scaling. Our custom plan includes migrating to a new cloud and implementing containers, ensuring the long-term viability of your infrastructure.


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