Marketing Consultant and Strategy

Digital and modern marketing for businesses is the what fire was to early settlers. It’s a game-changer.

Marketing is all about engaging with your key audience, and an intelligent strategy in place before execution will help you stop playing roulette with your business. We’ll maximize your success with effective marketing strategies, making you the number one choice of your customers.

Do you really know how important a good strategy is?

There is an eerie atmosphere around strategy and tactics, which is often interchanged. Strategy is intangible, it is your path from where you are today to where you want to be. Tactics is the tangible counterpart, which is all about the specifics of execution. At PowerPhrase, we believe that thinking strategically and acting tactically is the only balanced way to long-lasting success.

Investing in us would mean a lot of added advantages, some of them being:

 We revisit your core values to help you build a stronger foundation for your business, which will help us build a unique strategy. This help us arrive with exact tactics you’ll need to achieve your goals. In order to build marketing momentum, we will change the context of how your ideal customers perceive your brand, versus how you think they do. Comparing these two would bring out the loopholes, helping us laser-focus your business.
 As consultants on board, we will enforce the value of economy of efforts to reduce churn and burn rate in your business. Repurposing and restructuring how resources are allocated is the first step to developing a winning strategy.

 Our prime objective is to let you do what you do best: service your customers and focus on core business. Businesses spend most of the time firefighting or managing things, which strips off the leadership tag from most organizations. We’ll audit the entire business, and see which can be done better by you, and better by others!
 We make the entire organization more accountable and focused, by setting the right pace and metrics derived from your strengths and weaknesses.