Search Engine Optimization

We offer Search Engine Optimization to help your business rank prominently in searches and make your website visible to consumers

Search Engine Optimization

When you need to boost the visibility of your business, trust the search engine optimization services offered by DuoLabz. As an SEO company with years of experience working in the fast-paced Los Angeles and Orange County areas, DuoLabz knows how to get the site views and the results that you are looking for. The experts at DuoLabz can offer a wide array of search engine optimization services that can take your website from pedestrian to powerful. Our search engine optimization team conducts comprehensive research into how your website currently ranks on search engine results pages and discovers the keywords that will help your site stand out to search engines. Armed with loads of fresh information about the current state of your website, our team can adjust and refresh your website so that search engines are better able to find the unique site that you have created. Since major search engine algorithms update frequently, the DuoLabz team can also help you to maintain and tweak your website’s search engine optimization over time. With a dedicated team keeping a close eye on your website, there is no need to fear that your site will end up lost in anonymity on the web.

Why is SEO important?

Search engines are ever-evolving and they use a multi-faceted algorithm to determine the relevancy of each keyword that we utilize. At DuoLabz, we configure your website to adjust with the frequent evolution of search engines and keep you at the top of the game. Since search engines consider specific criteria when ranking sites, we help your site to match those criteria well and land high in the results for all major search engines. While many other organizations specialize in empty promises, Duolabz Search Engine Optimization can give you exactly what you expect. Our talented team of Search Engine Optimization experts can examine your site and let you know specifically how we can help you.

Why is it important to hire a good SEO Analyst?

An SEO Analyst conducts keyword research, gives advice regarding best practices for SEO and helps you formulate SEO strategies that will work both on and off of your company’s website. Additionally, the SEO Analyst works closely with the site’s content development team to monitor the quality of content published to your site. The SEO Analyst is also responsible for:


  • Dealing with day-to-day search marketing activities spanning multiple search engines
  • Optimizing paid search campaigns
  • Planning and implementing marketing campaigns
  • Budget management
  • Keyword research specific to the site
  • Detailed examination of the company’s website to ensure that the site is healthy and competing well with similar sites

Our App Store Optimization (ASO) team works effectively to get higher rank results for your app in iTunes and Google Play Store. Our experienced team knows exactly how to design ASO for your app so that your app gets both increased consumer engagement and better ranking in search results. You can take the guesswork out of your app development by letting our SEO experts identify the app’s target consumer audience and optimize the keywords related to your app. Our team’s use of hypothesis-driven optimization will propel your app to the prominent place in the market that it deserves.